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DB invited tender for the ICE 5 trains

posted on 15th Dec 2023 14:28

Following the development of concepts for Germany's new high speed trains 3.0, DB launched on 15 December 2023 a tender for the next generation of ICE high-speed trains, which "will set new standards for travel with new interior concepts and other innovations. Passengers with reduced mobility will find it easier to board the train with as many barrier-free entrances as possible."

A framework agreement for up to 95 trains is then to be concluded. In the first phase, DB intends to order 33 single-deck units with approximately 940 seats. A prototype will be tested before the HGV 3.0 trains are put into service. By procuring trains with a maximum speed of at least 300 km/h, DB will eliminate its previous unfortunate decision that ICE 4s have a top speed of only 250 km/h. As an illustration on the subject of the future ICE 5, we have used a collage of a Velaro Novo from the Siemens portfolio.

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