škoda 2024

ELP orders ten more EURO9000s

posted on 16th Jan 2024 19:48

As expected, the recent order for ten EURODUALs was followed by another contract for EURO9000s, concluded on 15 January 2024. From the framework contract for at least 100 locomotives, European Loc Pool has now ordered 84 EURODUAL and 40 EURO9000 machines. The newly ordered EURO9000s are scheduled for delivery at the end of 2025 and in the beginning of 2026. 

Following the approval of the EURO9000 version in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium at the end of last year, further (slight) progress was made with an operating permit for the Brennero border station being granted. Right at the beginning of January, the 2019 310 locomotive on lease with Lokomotion made a test run there heading a regular train.

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