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More EURO9000 locomotives in operation

posted on 18th Oct 2023 11:27

Following the first three locomotives handed over this June to Rail Force One, RTB CARGO and HSL Logistik, European Loc Pool (ELP) has leased four more EURO9000 dual-mode locomotives.

Rail Force One now operates three (2019 302 - 304), RTB CARGO two (2019 305 and 306) and the Lokomotion Gesellschaft für Schienentraktion has received a 2019 310. The latter is expected to be the first to appear in frequent operation in Austria, as it is intended for service on the Brennerbahn.

Preparations for regular service in Austria have also been initiated by RTB Cargo, which, after a test run to the Hungarian border station of Hegyeshalom in July, brought one of its locomotives to Linz in early October for staff training.

ELP has ordered a total of 30 of EURO9000s and has already concluded leasing contracts for 25 of them. These machines are still only approved in Germany and Austria, and only on a limited range of lines in the latter country. At the moment, approval for operation from Austria to the border stations Bratislava-Petržalka and Hegyeshalom is also under negotiation.

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