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First new SBB FLIRT at Erlen

updated on 21st Dec 2023 15:49 posted on 10th Dec 2023 17:13

After completion and subsequent presentation on 27 November 2023, the first of 286 FLIRT EMUs ordered in May 2022 at Stadler by SBB, Thurbo and RegionAlps has arrived in Erlen on 5 December. Commissioning will take place over the next weeks so that type tests can start on the Swiss network at the end of February. 

The new FLIRTs will have the class designations as follows: RABe 533 001 and further for SBB for operation in Switzerland only, RABe 533 501 and further for  Thurbo for operation in Switzerland only, RABe 533 701 and further for RegionAlps, RABe 531 001 and further for SBB in DACH version and RABe 531 501 and further for Thurbo in DACH version.

The FLIRT RABe 533 001 was transported to Erlen by the electric railcar RBDea 94 85 7 567 173-0 CH-STAG, which Stadler purchased from TPF (Transports publics Fribourgois) in early 2022, including two intermediate cars and one driving trailer.

The drone view of the IBS test centre in Erlen also shows one of the new six-car Class RABe 512 IR-Dosto KISSes that entered passenger service in July 2023, as well as a six-car DB‘s KISS (ex-WESTbahn), on the far right one FLIRT for BLS and, in yellow, the first three-section servicejet for ÖBB.

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