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iLint Has Arrived In The Czech Republic

posted on 12th May 2022 13:49

On 11 May 2022, Coradia iLint 654 101 was transported from Germany to the Czech Republic via Děčín. The transport was arranged by RailAdventure and DB Cargo Czechia, throughout the route by RailAdventure's Taurus 183 500.

In the second half of May, Alstom, in cooperation with ČD, will undertake Coradia iLint Railshow, a series of presentation runs with this hydrogen-powered unit in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The HMU has been transported to the ČD's Praha jih (south) workshop. The presentation runs will take place between 17 and 25 May, starting on the Praha - Mníšek pod Brdy line. The programme is published on the manufacturer's website.

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