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posted on 12th Apr 2023 12:00

In Berlin, Alstom also presented the Coradia Stream HC (High Capacity), a partly double-deck EMU for CFL. The order dates from 18 December 2018 and covers 34 regional trains worth 360 million EUR. The contract includes both 22 three-car Class 2400 EMUs with a length of 80 m and 12 six-car Class 2450 EMUs with a length of 160 m.

The trains, with a maximum speed of 160 km/h, are designed for the 25 kV 50 Hz voltage; the three-car version has a power output of 3,330 kW, while the six-car one of 6,350 kW. Exhibited in Berlin was the three-car unit 2405, consisting of two double-deck end cars and one intermediate single-deck car. The train provides 334 seats, of which 44 are first class in the upper deck in a 2 + 2 arrangement, and 18 folding seats in the multifunction area. The train offers space for two wheelchairs and 12 bicycles. Alstom states that 40 seats (12 % of the total) are accessible without having to climb stairs, hence they are on the lower deck.

In the case of the six-car train, there are 692 seats, 88 of which are first class, again on the upper deck, and 36 folding seats, which are located in two multifunctional areas; these therefore offer space for four wheelchairs and 24 bicycles. For the six-car unit, the manufacturer states that there are 80 seats (again 12 %) accessible without the need to use the stairs. Interior lighting is LED, with on-board WiFi and charging ports both USB-A and C connectors. A passenger counting system is also installed.

The units are equipped with ETCS Level 2 (Baseline 3) OBU with the STM-TBL1+ national ATP module. On 30 June 2021, a contract was signed by CFL and Alstom to equip all 34 units with ATO (Automatic Train Operation) at the GoA2 level, which means the possibility of fully automated driving and stopping of the train under the supervision of the driver with the possibility to intervene in the driving. The responsibility for the execution of the contract lies with the Charleroi plant in Belgium. 

The development of the CFL's Coradia Stream HC took place at the Valenciennes and Santa Perpètua de Mogoda plants near Barcelona. Final assembly is taking place at the latter, and it was here that commissioning of the first unit on the factory track began in early December 2021. Further runs followed, notably at Alstom's CEF 2 (Centre d'Essais Ferroviaires) test centre in Bar-le-Duc (in the north-east of France, halfway between Reims and Nancy).

On 24 June 2022, unit 2401 then arrived at the VUZ Velim in Czech Republic, while 2402 was tested in Germany, where it carried out test runs on the DB Netz network, not using its own power, as it is not equipped for 15 kV voltage.

Unit 2403 was the first to arrive in Luxembourg at the beginning of January this year, specifically at the Luxembourg-Bonnevoie depot in the southern part of the city. Here, it was presented to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Mobility and Public Works on 6 January. Two days later, a test campaign began, scheduled to run until the end of March. As part of the campaign, 2403 also visited Belgium in January, where the certification is being carried out by Belgorail, while in France, where the unit appeared in the first half of February, it is the French company Certifer.

Deliveries were contractually scheduled to take place from 2021, with authorisation required not only in Luxembourg but also in France and Belgium. As a result of the project delays, the new EMUs are not due to enter passenger service until mid-2024, with deliveries now scheduled to be completed in 2025. The arrival of the new trains is expected to increase the operator's fleet seating capacity by 46 %.

Initially, the trains will be used mainly on the northern route from the capital of Luxembourg to Troisvierges, or (later) as far as Liège in Belgium. They are also to be operated on the westbound cross-border services to Belgium (Athus, Arlon) and France (Longwy). The Coradia Stream HC fleet will gradually replace the Z2 Class 2000 EMUs.

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