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More Panter EMUs For ZSSK

posted on 9th Sep 2021 23:04

On 9 September 2021, ZSSK signed a contract with a consortium of Škoda Transportation and ŽOS Trnava for the purchase of nine four-car Panter EMUs with an option for 11 more. These nine Panters are intended for operation in the Košice and Prešov regions in eastern Slovakia and are to be delivered by the end of 2023, with more to follow on order. The contract worth, including the option, is around 170 million EUR. The Panter fleet in Slovakia will thus grow to 34 and, if the option is confirmed, to 45.

As with the current order for 25 Panters (13 three-car Class 661 and 12 four-car Class 660 EMUs), part of the production will be carried out at ŽOS Trnava, which is involved in the building of the intermediate cars and, with the participation of experts from Škoda Transportation, in the coupling of the cars into sets, their commissioning, testing and preparation for handover to the operator.

The new 3/25 kV 160 km/h Panters follow on the currently supplied sets and will have a length of 106 m and a seating capacity of 343. They will incorporate changes that will further enhance passenger comfort. These include preparations for the installation of a refreshment machine, a ticket vending machine, and the modification of the interior so that the train has more space for bicycles, skis and other sports equipment. The new EMUs will also offer an improved CCTV, a modern information system, as well as high-performance Wi-Fi. 

Currently, 20 Panters are already in service in Slovakia and remaining five will be put into service before the end of this year. Škoda have already orders for a total of 250 of the RegioPanter (Panter) and InterPanter EMUs, more than half of which are in the Czech Republic.


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