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More Vectrons In The CARGOUNIT Fleet

posted on 14th Dec 2022 14:53

During December 2022 CARGOUNIT took over two more Vectrons. Altogether, the largest Polish locomotive rental company has taken delivery of six Vectrons and two Smartrons in the course of this year.

The latest two are 5 370 052 (193 058) rented to DB Fernverkehr and 5 370 055 (193 061), whose lessee is Freightliner PL. The machine operated by DB Fernverkehr will haul passenger trains on the Warszawa - Berlin route, operated jointly with PKP Intercity. Previous two, 5 370 053 and 054 (193 059 and 060), were delivered in late October and hired to Bahnoperator Polska, which now hires seven Vectrons from CARGOUNIT altogether.

The latest deliveries brought number of the Vectron platform locomotives put so far in service by CARGOUNIT to 14 Vectrons and 2 Smartrons. Almost simultaneously, in December, CARGOUNIT placed an order for two more Smartrons and one Vectron, bringing the number of Vectron platform locomotives ordered so far to 31, with the current frame contract enabling to increase it to 40 locomotives by 2025. Next deliveries are scheduled for February 2023.

Siemens Mobility has already sold 1,675 Vectrons in total to 63 customers across Europe.

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