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More Vectrons To Be Hired By RSL To ČD

posted on 16th Feb 2022 00:40

On 16 February, 2022, Rolling Stock Lease (RSL) handed over to ČD the first of the second batch of Vectrons, which ČD ordered for hire from this Slovak leasing company.

In February 2021 ČD concluded a framework agreement with RSL for the full-service leasing of up to 50 Vectrons and at the same time ordered hire of 13 of them, with delivery of the first six locomotives until end of March 2021 and another seven until end of October 2022. The scope of the second batch was later increased to ten locomotives. The first of these Vectrons, 193 683, was handed over to ČD now, the other nine should follow between June and October 2022.

The hire of the second batch was agreed with the plan to use the locomotives for the new Praha - Gdynia express services from December 2022. However, the start of their operation is currently postponed by (at least) one year, so the new machines are now planned for various existing ČD services. One case could be temporary use for workings diagrammed for Class 362 electrics, as the latter fleet could be temporarily limited since June 2022, when the obligation to provide maintenance by dedicated Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) will extend to locomotives and part of the operator’s fleet could be temporarily put out of service.

Rolling Stock Lease has twenty Vectrons contracted for delivery during 2022, the other being intended for hire to operators belonging to Budamar Logistics group (like Lokorail or SPAP).

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