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Newag-Built Vehicles At Źmigród

posted on 8th Oct 2020 14:48

One of the newest vehicles tested at OETD IK facility in Źmigród at present is an Impuls 2 DMU for Koleje Wielkopolskie, 36WEhd-003. It left Nowy Sącz towards Źmigród on 28 September and is first of a batch of four trains ordered in July 2019, which will be designated 36WEhd-003 to 006. The very first two, 36WEhd-001 and 002, are destined for Województwo Lubuskie and were finished in September. Impuls 36WEhd-003 was tested at Źmigród until 2 October.

We asked Newag for technical parameters of these trains, and why these DMUs are designated Class 36WEhd, although "h" was used for its "Hybryda" units until now. We are waiting for an answer.

Another Newag-built vehicle at Źmigród is ET43-001, first of a batch of 24 dual-voltage (3/25 kV) Dragons ordered in September 2019, together with seven Class ET26 3 kV DC Last Mile Dragons. ET43-001 arrived in Źmigród on 14 September 2020 for authorisation testing on 3 kV DC and is planned to stay here until 22 October. Then it will be tested three days on an ETCS Level 2 line on the PKP PLK network.

We asked Newag when it is expected that testing of ET43-001 on 25 kV 50 Hz will start and where. We are waiting for reply.

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