Renfe And Talgo Present First Refurbished Class 730

posted on 5th Apr 2022 20:56

The 14 electro-diesel Class 730s, rebuilds from the fleet of dual-voltage Class 130s, are being subjected to a 11 million EUR mid-life refurbishment at Talgo's Las Matas works. They will continue to be the mainstay on high speed services involving both gauge changes and the use of non-electrified lines, such as those to Galicia (in particular, Lugo and Ferrol), Murcia and Cartagena, and Extremadura. 24 million EUR is being invested in a similar programme for the refurbishment of 30 Class 130s.

The work involves replacing the interior carpeting with Flotex, which combines the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet, while being washable and completely waterproof. Seat upholstery is replaced by leather, as on the seats of the future Class 106 Avrils. All interior illumination has been replaced, using LEDs, the WC cubicles have been renovated, and all passenger information monitors, interior and exterior, are new. 

Sound-deadening materials have been used in the cafeteria car. In the luggage racks dividing baffles have been installed, to prevent objects sliding off and falling onto passengers in the event of sharp braking. The exterior livery of the trains has also been modified. The 730s are to be used on the section of the high speed line between Plasencia and Badajoz, when this is inaugurated, possibly during the early summer.

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