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Siemens Mobility and CARGOUNIT signed agreements for the delivery of up to 100 locomotives

posted on 28th Feb 2024 12:27

On 28 February 2024 CARGOUNIT, the largest independent Polish locomotive leasing company, has signed agreements with Siemens Mobility for the purchase of 10 Smartron locomotives a up to 90 Vectron MS locomotives, of which 30 have been called up. The first deliveries are planned for 2025. Siemens Mobility and CARGOUNIT's collaboration dates back to 2018, when a single Vectron MS locomotive was purchased. CARGOUNIT is the largest customer for Siemens Mobility locomotives in Poland. With this new order, the company will have a total of 66 Vectrons and 18 Smartrons in its fleet.

The Vectron MSes have a power output of 6,400 kW under AC voltages and 6,000 kW under 3 kV DC voltage and will be equipped with an ETCS OBU that complies with current Baseline 3 specifications. Plans call for CARGOUNIT ’s new Vectron MS locomotives to operate in Poland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Bulgaria and Belgium. The Smartron locomotives will operate in Germany, Bulgaria or Romania. 

To date, Siemens Mobility has sold more than 2,400 locomotives from the Vectron family to 97 customers in 16 countries. Vectron locomotives are approved for operation in 20 European countries.

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