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Third generation of railjet

posted on 25th May 2023 11:51

ÖBB is now planning a major change to its railjet trains. Currently, since 2008, the Austrian national operator has been operating seven-car non-traction multiple units (NMUs) from the Viaggio Comfort family of the first generation (60 rakes in total), and Siemens Mobility is in the process of delivering a second-generation series, this time of nine-car units (eight rakes ordered in August 2018). 

ÖBB is now preparing to order more railjets, but already in form of the double-deck EMUs! On 17 May 2023, it was reported in the Austrian media that ÖBB will order twenty KISS 200 units (i.e. with a maximum speed of 200 km/h), exercising an option from the existing framework contract with Stadler Rail for the supply of regional KISSes from April 2022.

On 23 May, the operator posted an announcement on Facebook about a travelling exhibition to mark the 100th anniversary of ÖBB, where a railjet version of KISS was already on display as part of the Vision 2040. With this moment, ÖBB has thus moved away from its long-promoted concept of NMUs, where the disadvantages clearly outweigh the advantages compared to EMUs, including noticeably worse negative impact on the track.

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