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TMH's new EMKA locomotive

posted on 23rd Aug 2023 16:51

TMH, Russia's largest manufacturer of rolling stock, will present several new products at the 11th PRO//Dvizhenie.Expo, which opens on 24 August in St. Petersburg. In addition to the Ivolga 4.0 and EP2DM EMUs and the Class TEM23 diesel shunter, there will also be, for example, the EMKA2 dual-power shunting locomotive as the first such example in the history of Russian transport engineering. 

This locomotive, with asynchronous traction motors, is capable of running on 3 kV DC power from the overhead line and is also equipped with an energy storage for running on non-electrified sections. It is designed for shunting work in large depots and stations where the use of diesel engines is undesirable.

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