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TRAKO 2021 (6)

posted on 19th Nov 2021 11:36

One the exhibits was the ČD’s push-pull double-deck train for operation in MSK (Moravskoslezský kraj, Moravian-Silesian Region): Škoda Transportation brought a rake with a driving trailer 86-72 001 to Gdańsk. From Poland, this returned to the VUZ Velim test centre, where it was then found together with the rake with the driving trailer 86-72 002 (as of mid-October); both sets are now in Ostrava, at Škoda Vagonka.

At that time, the set with a driving trailer 86-72 003, was undergoing tests on various lines of the Správa železnic network. The fourth MSK rake was at that time located at the Škoda Plzeň works and in the first week of November it was moved to VUZ Velim for test runs in multiple.

The last rake, with a driving trailer 86-72 005, was being completed at that time at the Škoda Vagonka works. The manufacturer's aim is to enter passenger service with these new trains at the start of the 2022 timetable.

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