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Voith To Overhaul Couplings Of Velaro RUS And Desiro RUS Fleets

posted on 26th Mar 2021 08:53

In November 2020, Voith and Siemens Mobility signed a 30-year service contract for automatic couplings. According to it, Voith will carry out major overhauls of more than 3,800 couplings of the Velaro RUS and Desiro RUS fleets by 2050. The first overhauled couplings already left the Voith plant in Kazan at the end of 2020.

Voith has delivered automatic couplings to Uralskie lokomotivy and to Siemens Mobility in Krefeld since 2012, totalling 29 Sapsan/Velaro RUS high-speed trains with (Type 10 automatic couplings) and 84 Lastochka/Desiro RUS EMUs (Type 10 automatic and semipermanent couplings). After up to eight years in operation and having traveled up to 1 million km the first major overhaul of one part of the trains was due at the end of 2020.

Siemens Mobility is maintaining the entire fleets in Russia for 30 years. For the couplings, Voith was selected and can provide this service in its own plant in Kazan, where until recently, mainly the DIWA automatic transmissions for buses were produced, and their service was provided. For the new activity, some new workplaces have been set up there in the existing facility.

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