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All DB's long distance KISSes modernised

posted on 22nd Dec 2023 11:57

In 2019, Deutsche Bahn purchased 17 KISS long-distance units that had been in service with the Austrian operator Westbahn since 2011. Stadler was subsequently awarded the contract to upgrade these eight six-car (4010 001 - 008) and nine four-car (4110 009 - 017) EMUs and to install the on-board ETCS Level 2 according to Baseline 3. The contract, which was carried out by Stadler Rail Service Deutschland, lasted around four years and the last of the units was handed over to DB Fernverkehr before the start of 2024 timetable.

Following the modernisation, the trains now have the design of DB long distance trains inside and outside. A total of 2,116 panes of glass have been replaced with new glass to enable better reception of mobile phone signals on board. The new multi-purpose compartments offer more space for bicycles, prams and wheelchairs, and additional luggage racks have also been installed.

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