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ComfortJet production at Škoda Vagonka

posted on 11th Jul 2023 10:27

The Škoda Group is finalizing the first non-traction multiple unit (NMU) ComfortJet at its Škoda Vagonka plant in Ostrava. Currently, production of all cars of the first rake is in full swing in Ostrava, except for the driving trailer being finished by Siemens München.

First cars of the prototype ComfortJet are already fully completed, and by the end of August, according to the current schedule, the first completed NMU is to be sent to VUZ Velim for acceptance tests of the changes on the type (compared to the previous InterJet NMUs).

The test unit will be a six-car one, i. e. without the Class Afmpz driving trailer and a Class BRmpz restaurant car and two more Class Bpmz cars. In opposite, it will temporary include two Class Bdmpz end cars (instead of one). The restaurant car, once completed, will run to RTA Rail Tec Arsenal Wien where full type testing will begin (this including the driving trailer).

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