škoda 2024

First suburban FLIRT for Renfe started test runs

posted on 15th Apr 2024 22:27

As we described here, Stadler is currently working on an order for a total of 79 EMUs for the suburban transport systems Cercanías in Madrid and Rodalies in Barcelona. This is the first combination of double-deck non-powered intermediate cars from the KISS family and single-deck powered cars from the FLIRT family, so it is essentially a partially double-deck FLIRT.

Final assembly of these broad gauge (1,668 mm) trains is underway at the Albuixech works and recently the first of these units began test runs on the factory track. It is a four-car version of the Type T100 (the number expresses the approximate length of the train in metres, the letter T stands for „tren“). The other basic version, the T200, is an eight-car train.

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