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ITL Eisenbahngesellschaft Acquires Vectron DM Locomotives

posted on 31st May 2021 23:20

ITL Eisenbahngesellschaft (a Captrain Deutschland subsidiary and therefore part of SNCF) is another user of a Type Vectron Dual Mode. On 18 May 2021 it took over 248 008, the first of the two on order. The second one is scheduled to follow in October this year.

So far, no permanent specific workings are intended for them, and they should be used at various locations. A year ago, this operator also took over four six-axle EURODUAL locomotives. So now it will use the dual-power technology also in a less powerful version - Vectron DM locomotives are fitted with an 2,400 kW diesel engine and achieve a 2,000 kW output at wheel rim in both modes, while EURODUAL has an output of 6.15 MW in electric mode and has 2,800 kW diesel engine.

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