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More Vectrons For Akiem

updated on 3rd Sep 2022 00:41 posted on 31st Aug 2022 11:40

On 31 August 2022, Akiem announced that it has ordered in total 65 Vectron AC and Vectron MS locomotives from Siemens Mobility. This is a second order following that from 21 December 2021 for 20 Vectron MS locomotives. This was the very first Akiem order for this locomotive family finalised as part of a framework agreement signed in August 2021.

The first new locomotives of this second batch are to be delivered in mid-2024. They will have a maximum power of 6,400 kW and can be delivered with a top speed of either 200 or 230 km/h. Fabien Rochefort, CEO of the Akiem Group, said: „We are delighted to be increasing our fleet of Vectrons to 85. We look forward to offering passenger and freight operators throughout Europe the fleet they need as a sustainable and reliable service.“

This is also a second order for 230 km/h Vectrons in general, following that from ČD in March 2022. To date, Siemens Mobility has sold more than 1,500 Vectrons to 62 customers in 16 countries, and the fleet has covered over 600 million km in service. 

We asked Akiem:
- how many of these 65 new Vectrons will be built for 230 km/h?
- where these 230 km/h Vectrons will use its maximum speed? 
- what operator(s) will rent these 230 km/h locomotives?
- what is the overall number of Vectrons in the August 2021 frame contract?
- do you have already a CAD picture of a Vectron in Akiem livery?

We are waiting for an answer. Subsequently Akiem answered us: "Functionality of 230 km/h as an option will be confirmed for more than half of the firm order. The use of a top speed of 230 km/h will highly depend on countries and lines. We cannot share the information what operator will rent the latter locomotives, this is still confidential. There is no specific number of locomotives in the frame contract, it is very open and flexible and depends on our customers’ needs."

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