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RegioJet Pool rents its TRAXX abroad

posted on 17th Oct 2023 12:19

Although the RegioJet group is not planning to launch the locomotive pool service in its full planned scope until autumn 2024, after the delivery of another thirteen TRAXX3 MS locomotives, renting of locomotives to external customers is already increasing. Recently, several short-term leases of locomotives have been made outside the group and, in addition, one locomotive has been released for long-term rent, even abroad. This is 388.217, which was handed over to CFL Cargo Deutschland on 16 October 2023.

All TRAXX3 MS machines delivered so far, i. e. 388.201 - 218, are included in the RegioJet Pool fleet and RegioJet is gradually leasing them. Following the aforementioned delivery of 13 new TRAXXes, the hire of the Class 388.2s to RJ will then be terminated and these will be assigned to external leases.

RegioJet Pool, however fully maintains, as a certified ECM, all of the group's own 31 electric locomotives, i. e. 9 x Class 162s, 4 x Class 386.2s and 18 x Class 388.2s.

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