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TRAKO 2021 (7)

posted on 19th Nov 2021 17:56

At TRAKO 2019, BORCAD cz presented its hot new products - VISIO seats for regional transport and FLEXIO seats for long-distance transport. This year, it also showed a version of FLEXIO for 1st class, in a double-deck MSK rake, which represents the first use of these seats in ČD trains.

A similar solution for 1st class compartments is now being prepared for the future ČD DMUs, which were ordered by PESA this March. For the very first time, FLEXIO seats have been supplied for the new ZSSK’s Class Ampz carriages produced by ŽOS Vrútky, in leather, with cushion and full equipment.

The FLEXIO 1st class seat has a 500 mm armrest spacing and two upholstery variants - for fabric and leather covers (also taking into account the shape of PUR foams for the seat and backrest). It is more space-efficient, especially on regional trains where the customer insists on a 1st class installation. Its advantages lie mainly in the more economical use of space when all the advantages of seat ergonomics are fully exploited, especially in a row configuration. The lower weight compared to the COMFORT range is also an important parameter.

BORCAD cz also cooperates with PESA Bydgoszcz, to which Ivan Boruta, the BORCAD owner, says: „With PESA we have, among other things, realised a LINK DMU project for DB and with the LINK platform we are waiting for one of the largest orders on the Czech railway in the form of up to 160 DMUs for ČD. We have won the largest tender for regional trains in Poland in recent years, so we are supplying VISIO seats for Stadler Polska for FLIRT EMUs for Koleje Mazowieckie. I have to say that this reference has significantly accelerated VISIO's sales throughout Europe, and I am glad that we have succeeded in the highly competitive Polish market and among domestic manufacturers.“

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