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Two various Coradia Stream EMUs at Velim

updated on 15th Jan 2024 14:42 posted on 9th Jan 2024 11:59

The first vehicle to arrive for testing in 2024 at VUZ Velim was a Coradia Stream for Romania on 5 January. This is the RE-IR 101 001 EMU, the first of a batch of six-car units ordered from Alstom by the Romanian ARF, the batch formed by 20 units (basic contract) + 17 units (part of the option).

This Coradia Stream complements another single-deck unit from the same family already present at the VUZ test centre, but the eight-car ICNG for NS, which arrived on 14 December 2023. In this case, it is a representative of a new version capable of operating also in Germany, as evidenced by the number 3352, which follows to the existing ICNG class designation. The units 3351 and 3352 were derived from the batch of eight-car Class 3200 domestic ICNGs and are fitted additionally with the traction equipment for 15 kV 16.7 Hz and the German ATP.

We asked a few questions to NS:

- How many ICNG EMUs have been delivered to NS so far and how many are in regular service?
NS answered us: „16 units accepted by NS, 15 in regular service (of both Classes 3100 and 3200 together). The last one is used at present for testing and training in Belgium.“

- For what month/year do you expect to have all 99 ICNGs in service?
„We expect to have all 99 ICNG’s in service before the end of 2025“

- How many ICNGs available for operation in Germany will be ordered by NS? When do you expect to sign an order? Which cities in Germany will be served by the ICNGs? If these „German“ units 3351 and 3352 were taken from the batch of 3201 to 3230, does it mean that the batch of these domestic ICNGs will be formed by units 3201 to 3228 only?
„Everything regarding Germany is subject to investigation and not definite. So we cannot get into details for these questions.“



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