48 More RegioPanters For ČD

posted on 11th Dec 2020 16:10

On 11 December 2020, ČD ordered a batch of 48 RegioPanter EMUs from the Škoda Transportation/Škoda Vagonka consortium. They are:
- 19 two-car dual-voltage units with 140 seats each, remaining from the March 2019 frame contract for up to 50 RegioPanters,
- 29 three-car dual-voltage units as the first order from the frame contract for up to 60 RegioPanters with 240 seats each, which was signed in November 2020.

Over the next four years, ČD will thus receive a total of 79 new RegioPanters (50 two- and 29 three-car ones), while there is still an option for 31 three-car EMUs. For the 48 recently ordered RegioPanters delivery is planned in 2023 and 2024.

In total, ČD will have a fleet of 116 RegioPanters consisting of:
- 12 Class 440s (three-car, 3 kV DC, in service), 
- 8 Class 640s (three-car, 3 kV + 25 kV 50 Hz, in service), 
- 17 Class 650s (two-car, 3 kV + 25 kV, in service), 
- 50 Class 650.2s (two-car, 3 kV + 25 kV, in service),
- 29 three-car 3 kV DC + 25 kV units (the class designation not yet assigned). 

The ČD fleet also includes 14 InterPanter long-distance EMUs (4 three-car Class 660s and 10 five-car Class 661s). The Škoda's order book also includes 37 RegioPanters for JMK (Jihomoravský kraj, the South Moravian Region), which were ordered in December 2019.

Adding 25 EMUs for ZSSK and 32 for Pasažieru Vilciens, there are in total 224 units of the Panter family. The number of 230 Panters will be achieved once a contract for six trains for Elron, announced in in late October 2020, will be signed.

In late November 2020, tests of the first two Class 650.2 InterPanters, 650.201 and 202, started at the VUZ Velim test centre. They will form part of the 31strong batch of EMUs, 650.201 - 230, ordered in March 2019 from a frame contract for up to 50 trains. 

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