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ČD Viaggio Comfort Carriage Returned From RTA

posted on 30th Sep 2020 13:53

At present, various tests are underway with the first cars from the batch of 50 Viaggio Comfort carriages for ČD. The program also includes climatic tests, which took place at RTA Rail Tec Arsenal in Wien, involving Bmpz 73 54 21-91 061-4.

It was moved to Austria on 19 August and returned on 25 September to Ostrava. On the Czech network the carriage was incorporated in the Nex 60220 Břeclav - Ostrava service. For both transports, two ÖBB Class Siikmms wagons (81 81 4642 008 and 009) fitted with adapters for the semi-permanent couplings of the Bmpz were used. The Nex 60220 was hauled by ČD Cargo’s TRAXX 388.001, so there were two newest vehicles for the ČD group on the same train.

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