škoda 2024

First Sirius in test operation

posted on 5th Jan 2024 13:38

The plan mentioned last year that the Class 665 EMUs will execute test operation under the RegioJet umbrella has become a reality. These units were originally ordered from CRRC in 2016 by Leo Express, which eventually cancelled the contract in 2022, but the manufacturer is continuing the approval process at its own expense (similar to the Class 4100 double-deck EMUs for WESTbahn).

The test operation is based on the permission from Drážní úřad (DÚ, the Czech Railway Authority) and is being handled by RegioJet. With this operator the units are also registered and thus bear the VKM designation CZ-RJ. On 3 January 2024, for this purpose, the unit 665.002 ran from VUZ Velim to Přerov, where the test operation, without passengers for the time being, will take place in the first phase with this train. The very next day, the first runs took place in the Přerov - Otrokovice section.

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