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Bombardier To Provide ETCS Baseline 3 Upgrades For 73 Railpool TRAXXes

posted on 18th Dec 2020 16:19

On 18 December 2020, Bombardier Transportation and Railpool have announced the signature of a contract for an ETCS OBU from Baseline 2 to Baseline 3 upgrade for 73 of Railpool’s TRAXX MS2 locomotives.

This new ETCS standard comes with the following advantages:
- increased safety from an improved brake curve and better information for the driver before level crossings,
- a new Limited Supervision standard that completely replaces national safety systems by ETCS at relatively low infrastructure costs,
- cold movement detection for more efficient operation and increased safety for stored locomotives.

The locomotives will be successively upgraded, starting with 39 vehicles suitable for operation in the Netherlands.

We asked Bombardier and Railpool for the contract worth, time schedule and if the upgrades are fully covered by Railpool’s own financial resources or if some funding from EU or German support programmes is used? We are waiting for an answer.

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