ČD Viaggio Comfort Rake On Test

posted on 17th Oct 2020 08:56

Following the transport of a first (only four-car) rake of Viaggio Comfort cars from a batch for ČD to the VUZ Velim test centre in late July, the authorisation tests continues there. After the testing of separate cars took place in the second half of August, test runs  with the entire rake were started. The latter consists of of two intermediate cars, CZ-ČD 73 54 21-91 060-6 Bmpz and CZ-ČD 73 54 84-91 001-4 Bbmpz, and of two end cars, CZ-ČD 73 54 21-91 080-4 Bdmpz and CZ-ČD 73 54 10-91 021-1 Ampz.

For these tests, the locomotive 102 006 was used, one of a batch of six built for DB Regio NIM Express push-pull double deck trains.

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