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InnoTrans 2022 (1)

posted on 20th Sep 2022 19:02

After four years of enforced hiatus, the InnoTrans is taking place again. On 20 September, Siemens and České dráhy presented the Vectron MS locomotive with a maximum speed of 230 km/h. ČD was the first customer to order this version, signing a contract for 50 machines and their full service by the manufacturer for 15 years on 31 March 2022.

Deliveries are due to start in 2025, by which time type approval should have been achieved. The first 20 locomotives will be used for the nine-car ComfortJet non-traction rakes scheduled to start running in 2024, which ČD ordered on 12 April 2021.

In conjunction with the Vectron 230 locomotive, Siemens also presented for the first time at InnoTrans the new concept of Vectrain, which is a train consisting of a Vectron, VectrainReady passenger cars and the optional use of a driving trailer to create push-pull trainsets.

As the manufacturer states: „The need for fast cross-border connections and highest flexibility in the deployment of rolling stock is becoming more imminent. The intelligent response is provided by Siemens Mobility - in the form of Vectrain as a modern alternative to short flights.

A Vectrain is a passenger train consisting of a Vectron locomotive and VectrainReady passenger coaches with optional use of a driving trailer. VectrainReady coaches are designed to allow seamless operation with Vectron locomotives, especially in cross-border operation. The train’s operational philosophy and cab hardware are identical to the Vectron locomotive. Consequently, a Vectrain can be equipped with a variety of different ATP systems and makes use of Vectron's long list of already obtained country homologations.

Components and software of the Vectain are available for all coach builders. Passenger coaches built by thrid parties, that can be operated with Vectron and consequently form a Vectrain, can be labeled VectrainReady after Siemens' certification. To obtain the label, coaches have to use Siemens' open Loco-Coach interface (WTB-ÖBB, ÖBB Door Control or TB0 and other established standards). A VectrainReady driving trailer uses the Vectrain Cab (HW and SW incl. front end, driver's desk, and ATP systems).“

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