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ICx Circuits At Velim
  • 28th May 2015 17:43
ICx Circuits At Velim
Shortly after its arrival at the VUZ’s test base, ICx 9001 started making its first test runs, and is shown here on the large circuit on 22 May 2015.
ICx Visits Velim
  • 15th May 2015 12:26
ICx Visits Velim
On 14 May 2015 ICx 9001 arrived at the VUZ’s test circuits in Velim. It was moved there from Germany together with Last Mile TRAXX AC3 187 001. The...
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Second ICx Arrives At Wegberg-Wildenrath
  • 1st Mar 2015 15:40
Second ICx Arrives At Wegberg-Wildenrath
On 28 February 2015 part of ICx 9002 was moved to the Wegberg-Wildenrath test centre, following in the footsteps of 9001, which arrived there in...
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