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Please bear in mind that it is not our intention to 'digitalise' Railvolution! The printed magazine will still continue, with its full range of articles and news items. But we hope that you enjoy this new offering, and that it will stimulate your interest in our unique publication.

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PKP IC's Latest EMUs At Źmigród

12 Jun 2015 11:04
  • PKP IC's Latest EMUs At Źmigród
  • PKP IC's Latest EMUs At Źmigród
  • PKP IC's Latest EMUs At Źmigród
  • PKP IC's Latest EMUs At Źmigród

In mid-June 2015 the OETD IK test circuit in Żmigród hosted two of the latest types of EMU ordered by PKP InterCity. The first of the 20 eight-car FLIRT 3 EMUs being built by the Stadler/Newag consortium has been undergoing authorisation testing there since April, now simultaneously with PESA's first DART EMU, the first of 20 eight-car trains of this type, which arrived there on 23 May.

These photos were taken on 10 June 2015. The first shows the FLIRT of future Class 215 during the braking tests. The second shows the DART, ED161-001, realising the noise measurement tests. The third view is of both trains at the test circuit base. The platform on the right of the DART is a new structure, for the use of guests during varaious events. The final photo shows the FLIRT 3 passing the lifted branch line which was used to serve the premises of the Żmigród branch of the Instytut Badawczy Dróg i Mostów (Roads and Bridges Research Institute).

First PKP IC FLIRT EMU Bodyshells

30 Oct 2014 17:51
  • First PKP IC FLIRT EMU Bodyshells
  • First PKP IC FLIRT EMU Bodyshells

In late October 2014 Stadler's Siedlce works announced the completion of the first bodyshells for the 20 FLIRT3 EMUs ordered by PKP Intercity in 2013. These photos taken on 29 October 2014 show the bodyshells, surrounded by the new nordbahn FLIRT EMUs for suburban services out of Hamburg.

PKP Intercity GAMA Diesel Contract Signed

10 Sep 2014 12:35
  • PKP Intercity GAMA Diesel Contract Signed

On 4 September 2014 PESA announced, that it signed a 131,2 million PLN (31 million EUR) contract with PKP IC for ten new Class 170 GAMA diesels. The agreement, which was in fact signed on 17 July, includes 12 years of maintenance. The first of the locomotives will be presented at InnoTrans 2014.

ČD “Goggles” At PKP Intercity

10 Jul 2014 16:49
  • ČD “Goggles” At PKP Intercity
  • ČD “Goggles” At PKP Intercity

In May 2014 ČD’s Class 754 diesels were granted authorisation to operate on the PKP PLK network. This enabled PKP IC to hire four, for hauling the operator's TLK and EIC services. The first „Goggles“, 754.025, entered service between Gdynia and Hel on 28 June, and is shown on both photos: first together with SM42-574 at Gdynia depot on 7 July and then at the terminus at Hel, awaiting departure with the EIC 5130 „Jantar“ to Warszawa on 9 July 2014. Two of the other 754s are 754.026 and 037, which entered service on 7 July hauling PKP IC trains between Białystok, Ełk and Korsze and Białystok, Suwałki and Šeštokai. The fourth, 754.046, is to be delivered to Białystok depot in mid July.

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A PKP IC „Pendolino“ Visits Velim

26 Apr 2014 22:31
  • A PKP IC „Pendolino“ Visits Velim

Following a journey from Warszawa on 24 and 25 April 2014 a PKP Intercity „Pendolino“ 2 370 001 - 007 arrived at the VUZ’s Velim test circuits. Haulage of the Class 237 in the Czech Republic was provided by ČD Cargo’s 363.005. Here we see the „Pendolino“ at Přelouč on 25 April.


18 Nov 2013 18:16
  •  PKP IC Orders FLIRT EMUs

On 18 November 2013 PKP Intercity signed a contract with Newag/Stadler Polska consortium for 20 eight-car long distance FLIRT3 EMUs, to be delivered by October 2015. The contract is worth 1.6 billion PLN (around 383 million EUR) and includes a 15-year maintenance of the new trains. Stadler Rail is to provide the bodyshells, bogies and other components to Poland: the end cars will be mounted at Stadler Polska works at Siedlce, while the intermediate ones will be completed at Newag Nowy Sącz, where the trains will be commissioned.

First PKP IC Pendolino Enters Poland

12 Aug 2013 20:07
  • First PKP IC Pendolino Enters Poland

Between 8 and 12 August 2013 PKP Intercity’s first Pendolino was delivered from Italy to Poland, traversing the Czech Republic on the 10th and 11th from Břeclav to Lichkov and Międzylesie. The EMU, shown here at Ústí nad Orlicí on 11 August, is designated Class 2 370 / ED 250. Haulage over the Czech Republic northwards was in the hands of PKP Cargo, with Eurosprinter 189 153 in charge. Initial testing is to take place at the Źmigród test centre.

GAMA Marathon Passenger Debut

02 Mar 2013 21:16
  • GAMA Marathon Passenger Debut
  • GAMA Marathon Passenger Debut

Having completed its test running with LOTOS Kolej freights in a satisfactory manner, 111Ed-001 is now spending a test period hauling PKP Intercity expresses. It made its debut on 28 February at the head of „Kopernik” train from Bydgoszcz to Warszawa (hauling it together with an EU07 electric), followed on 1 March 2013, departing from Warszawa Wschodnia at the head of TLK 53106 „Norwid” bound for Kraków Główny. The photographs show the locomotive, now wearing PKP IC livery, at Warszawa Wschodnia and leaving the cross-city tunnel near Warszawa-Ochota, with this train. The test runs will also take the GAMA electric to Poznań, Gdynia and Wrocław on TLK and EIC expresses at speeds up to 160 km/h.